By marcfolan, Jun 26 2016 07:55PM

A composer's thoughts through the minefield of writing a show, taking it to NYC and then… starting all over again!

In the Spring of 2014 my musical “A Little Princess” was picked up by a young Off - Broadway producer/director and staged at the Signature Theatre on 42nd St in NYC. The producer had first staged it at a little Black Box theatre downtown but then extended the run and took it to the larger theatre, two blocks from Alladin! on Broadway.

From Barnet to Broadway!

So, you might well ask a series questions:

How did a little known composer from Barnet in North London get to have a show on 42nd St?

What made me write it in the first place?

How did I go about the process?

What did I learn about musical theatre while I was there?

Why on earth would I go back to the drawing board and start all over again?

So I feel now that I'm half way through a total re-write that it may be time to put pen to paper (virtually) and start tracking the process.

This may be of interest to other writers, composers in that maybe my turns and mistakes may save you time in the long term.

It maybe of interest to lovers of new work - most people in the creative field are and I count myself in that group. I'm obsessed with seeing... everything!

And it may be interesting to anyone who wants to understand why people like me do what we do... for very little reward...

Over the next few blogs I'll try and unravel what I do, how I do it and why I do it. I may even learn something about myself...

By marcfolan, Mar 7 2014 12:05PM

It was suggested to me that I start a blog on the journey that "A Little Princess” and myself are about to go on, and to keep those who'd like to know up to date.

So I thought, "Why not" … so here we go...

Well, it's been hectic since we found out about the New York Off-Broadway production that is taking place in May 2014. It will actually be the US premiere of the show.

What with meetings, contracts, more meetings, website re-design and lots of thinking... It’s been crazy!

Flights are booked and accommodation sorted - so it's happening! Just last night I was watching a holiday programme featuring New York – looking good NYC!

Casting for children takes place this Sunday in New York with, apparently, upwards of 170 kids for the director to see over 5 hours; many of the kids having Broadway and professional credits.

MMD (Mercury Musical Developments) have been great with help on how to proceed as it's a steep learning curve to get to know the ins and outs of Off-Broadway.

As if I didn't have enough to do...

I had to re-design all of my websites, including this one, to upgrade to HTML5 compatibility because so many people use i-Pads and phones these days. The previous website design was Flash-based and becoming out of date. This was not without issues - only today I had a customer from the US struggling to purchase some sheet music from the site. I eventually found that the newly designed SHOP didn't actually work!.. I’ve worked with the team and fixed it -thankfully... phew!

Right, better get on with more planning.

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